random thoughts of the day

1. natural deodorant does not work.
2. very funny about that 6 story tall jesus statue getting killed by lightning last night.
3. watching the world cup games when you can actually see the ball makes a huge difference.
4. starting your own business is A LOT of work, that's why i'm procrastinating with this list.
6. i'm really digging this short shorts weather
7. why can't my foreign friends on facebook translate their status updates in english as well? i can't understand shit. or maybe i should just learn swedish/italian/etc...
8. i'm VERY excited to try bikram yoga, it's going to happen soon i keep telling myself.
9. male models are waaaay better looking in photos and videos than in real life. same goes for women too.
10. i should really be working right now.
11. fuck BP. this is a gigantic disaster with who knows how long of repercussions will follow
12. blogging is weird cause it's like i'm talking to myself.
13. my girlfriends are wonderful. new york city really has some of the most amazing people in the world.
14. my boyfriend is pretty fucking rad as shit.
15. there's weird green bugs eating at my cilantro, they've already killed my habanero plants. i'm trying to kill them but they are winning.
16. true blood season premiere was awesome!

here's some random pictures