hot heat

man i had an amaaazzing day today. the temperature rose to 92 degrees! my girl and i drove out to fort tilden, a more secluded beach, and had such a good relaxing day in the sun. i feel sooo good from it.
britt managed to be covered in sand the whole day, she is cute. we laughed so much at stupid things. there was some dude walking down the beach in boots, jeans, and his shirt unbuttoned - he looked like he was in some weird spanish music video and she amazingly commented that he was probably on mushrooms. i laughed so hard. the water was freeezing. but it felt so good laying on the beach. like the sun was beating down and felt amazing.
it was like we were on vacation. it's so nice to be able to escape the city sometimes and just reelllaaaxxx. we treated ourselves to pina coladas afterwards.
i'm back to working now, freelancing, and it feels great. keeping busy and loving this life. here's some phone polaroid shots from recent....

found this today. like i said - good day

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