blizzzard and OakaZine party

there is a blizzard outside my window right now. kind of amazing. i read that a guy just died in central park today from a tree branch falling on him, broke from the weight of the snow. crazy. and i was jealous of not being at central park and sledding and snowball fighting. instead i just cleaned the apt and am blasting a playlist that i had made for a dj night recently and am sipping on some wine and c-h-i-l-l-i-n....

i went to OAKaZINE Issue #4 launch party the other night...it was fun. we had no idea it was gonna be at SPIN, Manhattan's new posh PING PONG club. ok, so john and i love ping pong. we have a make shift tabletop he made that goes on top of our pool table. it's a whole foot shorter than regulation size so we've been kicking ass on it with 6 inches less on each side than usual. and it's also taller than a normal table would be, which makes it a bit harder. so we've been wanting to go and play on a real table and be like "no big deal, got this" and what do you know, we end up at one randomly. the party was huge and had like 3,000 rsvp or something and everyone was super fashionable in black and looked good. there was this table that had two guys dominating the shit. they were so good, like youtube good almost. one guy was playing with his phone instead of a paddle cause i guess it wasn't challenging enough. i was too intimidated to play but john did and he held up pretty well!


dana and jeffrey

john playing!

then it just turned into 18 year old male models fucking around

check out that style to the right

ps. "Banned from the Roxy" by Crass is such a good song


i can not wait to see this movie. when and where goddammit!

brooklyn art shows

a few weeks ago i went to some art openings in williamsburg. saw great stuff.

Nicholas Kuszyk had a solo show at Cinders gallery, a great DIY space run by rad folks. his signature robots can be seen all over the neighborhood. it's amazing how detailed his work is...


he also had this box in the center of the room that you can hit and slap and it made cool noises when you did

then we went to 3rd Ward, an amazing space in bushwick that you need to check out if you haven't been there. aside from having shows they provide awesome classes on most things creative and have photography studios and woodworking workshops, etc.... they had a group show presenting 25 artists they selected from submissions.

my friend Kelsey Henderson had a piece in it

Emily St. John, i liked the renaissance style with a modern man

loved this, and the detail is amazing, Lisa Iglesias

Ann-Marie James, this was done with one blue ball point pen, pretty meticulous and well done


Nu Ryu, i liked the unfinished chalk style

the crowd


just another rainy monday night in ny

after seeing Shutter Island (the first 3/4 of the movie irritated and annoyed me so much but the end was surprising and good), we went to Lil Frankies (one of my favorite restaurants in the city) to have dinner with some friends. the place is top notch - yummy italian food, good folks that work there, it's always fun and bustling and sitting at the bar having some drinks and food always makes for a good time.
anyway...we're hanging out and this drunk dude comes in with a black eye and goes around the restaurant trying to gather people onto the party bus outside. yes - there's this new thing going on on mondays that i've yet to experience. the Rusty Knot, a fun bar on the west side, now has a party bus that makes a stop in williamsburg and the east village to pick people up, feed them free beer on the bus, and drop them off at the bar. genius, right? i hear it's a ruckus so maybe next monday party bus - me and you, together, forever.
also - happy birthday Lit, you turned 8. let's hope the DOH doesn't shut you down for being one of the smelliest dankest bars around.


some great indie films i've seen recently

check them out if you haven't already.

Let the Right One In, Tomas Alfredson, 2008, Swedish

The Green Butchers, Anders Thomas Jensen, 2003, Danish

The 400 Blows, Francois Truffaut, 1959, French




...are one of my all time favorite bands ever. i have the bars on my wrist to prove it. Rollins is my least favorite singer and i'm on the side that believes the band went downhill after "Damaged".
anywaysss.. i've heard that Chavo aka Ron Reyes, their second singer who kills it so hard, is now a born again christian? is this true? so fucking strange.

i won't wear fur

i know this fall fashion week has tons of fur on runways but i just need to point out that i'm not a fan of fur. i may like the look of it but i'll just stick to the synthetic version.

In Aisce presentation

my friend Jona does a men's line called In Aisce - very cool military/civil war/goth look. lots of soft treated leather, organic cottons, and wool. i helped out and bartended his show, here's some candid pics from the night... check out www.inaisce.com

jona before the show

the crowd...

i love bird tattoos and have several myself but i've never seen a flock tattooed on someone's head. amazing

got my nails did

so i just got my first manicure and pedicure everrrrr today. weird, i know. i'll spare you a photo of my feet.


more fashion love fall 2010


Oscar de la Renta

Proenza Schouler

not so into the top but love the pants