random thoughts of the day

1. natural deodorant does not work.
2. very funny about that 6 story tall jesus statue getting killed by lightning last night.
3. watching the world cup games when you can actually see the ball makes a huge difference.
4. starting your own business is A LOT of work, that's why i'm procrastinating with this list.
6. i'm really digging this short shorts weather
7. why can't my foreign friends on facebook translate their status updates in english as well? i can't understand shit. or maybe i should just learn swedish/italian/etc...
8. i'm VERY excited to try bikram yoga, it's going to happen soon i keep telling myself.
9. male models are waaaay better looking in photos and videos than in real life. same goes for women too.
10. i should really be working right now.
11. fuck BP. this is a gigantic disaster with who knows how long of repercussions will follow
12. blogging is weird cause it's like i'm talking to myself.
13. my girlfriends are wonderful. new york city really has some of the most amazing people in the world.
14. my boyfriend is pretty fucking rad as shit.
15. there's weird green bugs eating at my cilantro, they've already killed my habanero plants. i'm trying to kill them but they are winning.
16. true blood season premiere was awesome!

here's some random pictures


oh and by the way

i turned 29 a few days ago. happy birthday to me!

this is what happened, my friends are pretty great

as you can see they are all babes

i celebrated at Roberta's, if you haven't been, check em out. one of the coolest most delicious and progressive restaurants in nyc

The Do

i know it's been a while since i've posted (i hate the word "blogged", it sounds so gross). i've been busy. but i'll leave you with this, a new band that i have discovered recently and i love them:


hot heat

man i had an amaaazzing day today. the temperature rose to 92 degrees! my girl and i drove out to fort tilden, a more secluded beach, and had such a good relaxing day in the sun. i feel sooo good from it.
britt managed to be covered in sand the whole day, she is cute. we laughed so much at stupid things. there was some dude walking down the beach in boots, jeans, and his shirt unbuttoned - he looked like he was in some weird spanish music video and she amazingly commented that he was probably on mushrooms. i laughed so hard. the water was freeezing. but it felt so good laying on the beach. like the sun was beating down and felt amazing.
it was like we were on vacation. it's so nice to be able to escape the city sometimes and just reelllaaaxxx. we treated ourselves to pina coladas afterwards.
i'm back to working now, freelancing, and it feels great. keeping busy and loving this life. here's some phone polaroid shots from recent....

found this today. like i said - good day


love this

attempting to model isn't bad when you got friends and alcohol

my friend and awesome photographer Patrick Buckley shot some photos of me modeling my friend Britt Bolton's jewelry. her stuff is rad - look for it soon!
this is a little thing he made up of the shots....

someone give me $750

i need this km rii bag. now. please.



my friend marcus manoogian made this awesome commercial:

check out his website at www.mrmanoog.com


busy week

so there's a few reasons why i haven't been on the computer much, a) the weather this week has been so fucking amazing. i know it's boring to talk about the weather but it was snowing like crazy a few weeks ago and now i'm wearing shorts and riding my bike - holy shit! b) i worked on 2 photoshoots, one where i was a model (ha!) and one where i assisted with the styling for a NYTimes mens fashion article. c) i've been chilling hard as shit. just went to my first baby shower. one of my bffs matt is having a boy with his beautiful fiance paige. congrats guys.

pictures and more nonsense soon. xo


Un proph├Ęte

this movie is so good. go see it.


paris fashion week

dying. all amazing. can't even pick pictures cause most of them are so good. ah!

holy crap it's almost spring.

this winter has been pretty brutal in new york. we all endure it cause nice weather here is so rewarding. i love new york in the summer. we had our first warm day yesterday - sunny and high in the 50s!

i can't believe it was like this a week ago



dug up some old photos i took on my European vacation 7 years ago. i backpacked all over 14 countries. before cell phone days, before facebook/myspace days, before digital camera days...the old simple life...

somewhere in Spain

Cadiz, Spain

Copenhagen, Denmark

Cinque Terra, Italy

Lagos, Portugal

i'm interesting i promise

when i get more motivated to type i want to share a story with you involving me. it includes not having a real birth certificate, being a boat person, living in a refugee camp for years, immigrating to Nashville, Tennessee out of a places, taking ESL (english second language) even though i spoke better than the teachers, and so forth....


blizzzard and OakaZine party

there is a blizzard outside my window right now. kind of amazing. i read that a guy just died in central park today from a tree branch falling on him, broke from the weight of the snow. crazy. and i was jealous of not being at central park and sledding and snowball fighting. instead i just cleaned the apt and am blasting a playlist that i had made for a dj night recently and am sipping on some wine and c-h-i-l-l-i-n....

i went to OAKaZINE Issue #4 launch party the other night...it was fun. we had no idea it was gonna be at SPIN, Manhattan's new posh PING PONG club. ok, so john and i love ping pong. we have a make shift tabletop he made that goes on top of our pool table. it's a whole foot shorter than regulation size so we've been kicking ass on it with 6 inches less on each side than usual. and it's also taller than a normal table would be, which makes it a bit harder. so we've been wanting to go and play on a real table and be like "no big deal, got this" and what do you know, we end up at one randomly. the party was huge and had like 3,000 rsvp or something and everyone was super fashionable in black and looked good. there was this table that had two guys dominating the shit. they were so good, like youtube good almost. one guy was playing with his phone instead of a paddle cause i guess it wasn't challenging enough. i was too intimidated to play but john did and he held up pretty well!


dana and jeffrey

john playing!

then it just turned into 18 year old male models fucking around

check out that style to the right

ps. "Banned from the Roxy" by Crass is such a good song